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Welcome to Hippie House

Become distributor of Hippie Houses organic products!

We offer an exclusive range of unique products, primarily from Southern Europe. We focus on quality, exclusivity and ecology and specialize in finding unique raw materials.

See, among other things, our organic wines, bio-dynamic olive oil, award winning goat cheese, organic praliné in three varieties or tasteful organic chocolates in many unique varieties.

Why Hippie House?

Because we do not compromise and specialize in finding different products, all with a unique story. We are in favor of pure quality and have made it our mission to find a different selection of ecology.

Want to know more contact us here.

The Products

Vina Maris

Vina Maris - Havets vin

Organic Wine

Økologisk vin

Organic Cheese

Økologiske oste

Org. Chocolate

Økologisk chokolade

Organic Praline

Økologisk Spansk Praline

Orgainc Olive Oil

økologisk ekstra jomfru olivenolie

Become our distributor!

Hippie House Aps
Boghvedemarken 52
2680 Solrød Strand
Phone +45 7020 1039
CVR: 3740 4772

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